WA License: NEXTGGE851JF
ID License: 018982
CDA Tribe License: 1997

Here's What Our Clients Had To Say

It's a pleasure to work with Adam. I would definitely recommend Next Gen for any electrical work or contracting!

Adam Johnson, Intechtel, CDA

We called Next Gen to have a plug put outside on our porch. I was impressed by the speed at which the job got done! Adam did clean work and the finished product looks like it had always been there. Adam even suggested a child proof case to protect my kids; I hadn't even thought of that! I definitely would suggest this company!

Cassie, Hayden

Thank you, Next Gen for your help with our electrical issues. It's so great to work with someone who is ethical and honest.


Amazing company that also supports our community! Thank you, Next Gen for the love and support you give the Inland Northwest SIDS Foundation!

Liz Montgomery, Inland Northwest SIDS Foundation

Next Gen is my go-to for not just home electrical needs, but they're savvy when it comes to solar and other green energy systems relating to my home needs. Adam not only did a great job installing my solar panels, but also wired up my electric car charging station while being forward thinking (for when I can afford a Tesla). We’ve spent many a brain storming sessions to arrive at the best solutions for my need to be kind to my host (planet) and family (essentials, comforts and emergency preparedness). It’s never a simple answer when retrofitting a home for today and tomorrow, but Next Gen made the process easy.

Michael, CDA

Incredible Service! The information given as well as the overall customer relations is how business used to be. Other businesses should strive to treat their customers as well as Next Gen does.

Scott Ansel, Northwest Pet Resort, CDA

I called Adam to wire my shop and he came and got it done in a day! He knows what it takes to do it right! He also wired our 3 phase compressor at  the Hayden Jiffy Lube. Adam is great to call on for any of those professional jobs. We will continue to call Next Gen Electric for all our electrical needs. His price was also competitive and very affordable. Thank you Next Gen Electric! 

Steven Hardy, Jiffy Lube, North Idaho