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The dynamic duo of Adam and Miranda began over 15 years ago in a small town in South Dakota. It was a dream and the pursuit of risk that opened doors to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. After living 100% off grid on 7.5kw, we immediately knew that was the way to live. Now owning an all-electric car and working and living in a solar powered home and office, educating our community on a sustainable lifestyle is our mission.

We started NextGen Electric with the idea of changing the way business was done in the world. We wanted to build a business structure that focused on respect for our employees and customers, education for our community, and sustainability for our planet. We believed that by aligning our personal values with our business, we would achieve incredible results. Our efforts are proving true.

Our Mission

NextGen Electric offers quality and efficient electrical and solar solutions for homeowners, and contractors.

We are Customer Focused. NextGen Electric is a leading solar and electrical installer in the Pacific Northwest. We employ passionate, talented people who want to do the right thing for our customers and the environment. NextGen is committed to the highest quality in all areas and continually creating innovation in a growing industry. As one of the few contractors specializing in electric and solar installations in the state of Idaho, NextGen Electric has dedicated itself to developing the best practices for the region. 

We conduct business with a stewardship model, measuring success by the social, environmental, and economic impacts we make. By delivering solar energy and electrical solutions to homeowners and commercial companies, our activities are slowing the destructive effects of climate change. And at the same time, our customers are gaining energy sustainability while supporting a local, green economy. This can be seen as a win-win, with the results being a cleaner, safer planet, increased energy independence, and an educated local economy. 

Our purpose is to lead the solar and electrical industry in quality sustainable projects that enhance your energy investments. By helping homeowners and businesses embrace innovative technologies, we’re wiring for the next generation.

Our Values

Customer Focused

We encourage our customers by focusing on supporting their needs, anticipating and delivering high quality services, and ensuring their satisfaction.


We promote openness and transparency in our operations insuring that we are accountable for our actions at all times.​


We serve as trusted stewards of the public’s financial, environmental, social, and physical resources seeking to responsibly utilize, conserve, and sustain our current and future generations.


We conduct ourselves at all times in a manner that is ethical, legal, and professional with the highest degree of honesty, respect and fairness.


Top of the Line Certifications


WA License


ID License


CDA Tribe License


“We called NextGen to have a plug put outside on our porch. I was impressed by the speed at which the job got done! Adam did clean work and the finished product looks like it had always been there. Adam even suggested a child proof case to protect my kids; I hadn’t even thought of that! I definitely would suggest this company!”

– Cassie, Hayden ID