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Find out the energy use for each appliance in your home and see what solar energy system is most suitable for your specific needs.

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Need to find a cost or wondering how much your bill will be? Get a customized free solar site evaluation and energy bill assessment from Next Gen Electric. Our experts will review your energy bill, and schedule a time to visit your location and site to evaluate its suitability for solar installation as well as provide an estimate of cost savings and financing options.

When receiving a free solar site evaluation, the most important calculation you’ll get is your Avoided Cost of Energy, or ACOE. ACOE is a measure of the cost of power (demand charges) and electric or other energy charges you currently pay that would be offset by a installing a solar array.

When our expert solar installer arrives, he will look at your solar insolation (how much sun energy your site receives) the shading, the optimum solar panel direction and tilt, environmental concerns as well as any other important factors to consider and wrap all that into a free solar site evaluation.

Once this has been completed, we will send you a cost/benefit report based on your energy use, plus we will outline the financing options that can make the project easier to afford.

Here’s what our free solar site evaluation includes:

  • Optimal solar system design for your roof
  • Approximate turnkey cost of the solar project
  • Annual energy savings based on your energy usage
  • Additional energy efficiency options

Submit a request and one of our certified electricians will get you the information you need within 24 hours
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“NextGen is my go-to for not just home electrical needs, but they’re savvy when it comes to solar and other green energy systems relating to my home needs. Adam not only did a great job installing my solar panels, but also wired up my electric car charging station while being forward thinking (for when I can afford a Tesla). We’ve spent many a brain storming sessions to arrive at the best solutions for my need to be kind to my host (planet) and family (essentials, comforts and emergency preparedness). It’s never a simple answer when retrofitting a home for today and tomorrow, but Next Gen made the process easy.”

– Michael | CDA, Idaho